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Lake Louise for a winter long weekend.

At Lake Louise in Banff National Park, we’re immersed in mountain culture with a selection of skiing, snowshoeing, sleigh rides, and many magical days of powder.

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With the proximity of glaciers and icy quartzite cliffs, I become absorbed in the uplifting energy vortex of Lake Louise. This is one of the earth’s power points, as well as being one of Canada’s top three most romantic and most photographed locations.


Katrina Rosen is the author of, With You By Bike; one couples life- changing journey around the world. She lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada with her family.

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Book your stunning stay in Lake Louise Hosted by Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Take a once-in-a-lifetime dog sled adventrue Hosted by Kingmik Dog Sled Tours

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Lake Louise for a winter long weekend.


Take advantage of a peaceful stay at Fairmont Château Lake Louise

Currently only guests of the hotel are allowed inside the Fairmont Château Lake Louise and for this reason alone you should sleep here, or at least book yourself in for the amazing High Tea culinary experience! I try to convince all my friends to eat mini sandwiches and scones with me because it’s so fun! Then go ice skating or walk the shore, taking advantage of a private stay without thousands of tourists milling about. I always love the Château, but I can imagine that this winter will be even more special with quiet halls and relaxing moments. Before you relax too much, experience the heritage program, where two of my favourite guides can take you cross-country s

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Fairmont is always better.

Book your stay at

Hosted by Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

World Class Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Descend the slopes at what I consider the best place to ski or snowboard in Canada. But it’s not just me, the fastest racers in the world come to Lake Louise for the start of every World Cup season. Get on the gondola to reach one of four mountain faces. I recommend this even if you aren’t skiing, because it gives you a spectacular view of the continental divide. Stoke is high here with 145 runs of famous champagne powder, steep glades and a new high-speed quad opening this year to access West Bowl for a backcountry experience, inbounds. This is an amazing resort for beginners to learn how to ski and board or soar down double black runs like a pro. Maximize your tim

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World Class Experience

Call Ski Big Three and ask for Carlo.

Hosted by Lake Louise Ski Resort


Discover the Valley On Cross Country Skis.

There is so much terrain in Lake Louise with cross-country ski trails from novice to advance. If you can walk, you can ski, especially with a nice warm up on flat Lake Louise itself or a trip down the Great Divide trail. I love going for a longer ski with friends on the Fairview loop. This trail winds through heavily laden spruce and fir, with sneak peeks at majestic peaks before skiing out onto delightful Moraine Lake road and back on the Tram Line. Grab a hot chocolate at Laggan’s and a delicious health* cookie, then cross the valley to Pipestone. Pipestone ski trails are dog friendly and have a gorgeous longer loop or easy ski to Mud Lake. Check out our local Skier

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Country ski trails and a cookie

I’m not sure why it’s called “health cookie,” but it’s so delicious and I’m healthy - I feel good eating this on

Hosted by Laggan’s Mountain Bakery

Snowshoe Your OWN Trail

Strap on a pair of snowshoes and get truly off trail and make your own path. It’s a winter marvel that these are designed to float us across deep snow into pristine places. I love diving deep into the wilderness and even though we’re in a UNESCO World Heritage Park, because it’s winter, we don’t have to stay on a marked trail! Snowshoeing is a low impact activity that can make anyone in your family a wilderness trooper. Of course, navigation and knowing the secret locations are key. My friend Joel, from Great Divide Nature Interpretation can give insight into all the tracks on this white canvas and explain why you might find a Clark’s Nutcracker. He also never

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Book your ski tour at Great Divide Nature Interpretation

Hosted by Great Divide Nature Interpretation


Get your mush on in Lake Louise with furry friends

Tour the Great Divide with a chipper sled dog team. The 1.5 hour ride will bring you right through the heart of Lake Louise to the border of Alberta and British Columbia, but of course, it’s the dogs that steal your love. I’ve been on this tour a number of times and I’ll never tire of this experience. Blending my anticipation with their energy is like being a kid again. If you haven’t been before, you might be shocked by the howls and how excited the pups are to be harnessed and get going, but as soon as the sled moves, tongues and tails start wagging and then it is only silence and winter peace. Kingmik sled dogs are well cared for and they want nothing more th

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A Dog sled experience

Kingmik Dog Sled Tours

Hosted by Kingmik Dog Sled Tours

A Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride – Is there anything more romantic?

Snuggle beneath a warm Hudson Bay blanket and be whisked to the end of the glacial lake to an icefall. The large beautiful horses create steam with every exhale as the mountain wonderland takes your breath away. This is a traditional styled sleigh, guided by Brewster, a last name steeped in Banff National Parks history.  Go at night beneath the stars for a truly fairytale experience. Honestly, is there anything more romantic? (Ha Ha, I wouldn’t actually know - since my little boy is always cuddled between my husband and I. He loves petting the horses when he’s not busy crashing our romantic date!)

Get intouch with Brewster Adventures

Hosted by Brewster Adventures


Earn your turns Backcountry Skiing

Do you ski at the hill? Do you like powder days? If yes, you should try backcountry skiing! It’s the next level in adventure. On one of my first times backcountry skiing, I attached skins to the bottom of my skis so I could “ski” up and around Mount Fairview. I was provided with a magical (and surprising!) birds eye view of wave upon waves of mountains, with tiny looking Lake Louise tucked into a bowl below. Although there are plenty of destinations in the backcountry with low avalanche risk, I always go with a mountain guide, like my pal Pancho, for sound advice on avalanche terrain, keeping the day fun, and getting me back safely. Lake Louise is where guides fir

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A must to try on!

Hit up Paramount-Guides-Pancho

Hosted by Paramount-Guides

Fat Biking – Exactly like regular biking - Just slower

Rent a fat bike at Wilson’s in the village, drop the tire pressure of these beasts and see how buoyant you are on the snow. Dress as if you’re going cross-country skiing but get blown away with how cool this sport is. As my hubby says, “once you go fat, you won’t want to go back.” (I hope he means biking) Explore the Bow River trail, up Moraine Lake Road until the end of track setting and the Tramline Trail. Last time I began on my fat bike in Lake Louise, I ended up in Jasper! Just sayin’ I’ll be fairly disappointed if I find you on an indoor trainer in Lake Louise. Call me if you want a guide.

Fat Biking -call it an excercise

Book a tour at Wilson Mountain Sports

Hosted by Wilson Mountain Sports


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