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Nestled between the ocean and the mountains, Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city with laid back vibes, where locals spend as much time at our natural attractions as tourists do.

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It's easy to go from the city to nature

The vibrancy of the city contrasts the stunning mountain and beach backdrop. The symbols of city life (tall buildings, bustling streets, clusters of people) integrate seamlessly with snow capped mountains and tree-lined trails. You can start your day breathing fresh mountain air and end it with a pint on a lively patio. In Vancouver, you feel close to nature without missing out on big city life.

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Vancouver is filled with museums and attractions

Vancouver's cultural history is inspired by Aboriginal, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Italian influences. For creative inspiration or a lesson in history and heritage, there are plenty of museums and galleries to explore. The marine life, Indigenous art, and stories from history that have shaped Vancouver into what it is today can all be found in the walls of the city's buildings.

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A varied and vibrant food scene

The food scene in Vancouver is unparalleled. Multicultural flavours paired with modern techniques and local ingredients make for a foodie's paradise. Fresh seafood, authentic Asian dishes, and hearty brunch are all on the menu here. You can go from haute cuisine to staple street food just by walking down the street. And finish off with a delicious wine made in the region (arguably some of the best in the country).

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Tourism Vancouver's Vision

For Vancouver to be a must-visited year-round destination that is known as the most exciting, attractive, and welcoming city destination in North America.

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On the surface, Vancouver is gorgeous. But when you start to look, you find all of these amazing pockets of cultural groups building up around you. Salsa clubs, authentic Brazilian restaurants, the African Friendship society.

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